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We are the hungry overachievers with a deep-rooted need to win

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At XWORK, we are helping productive people to find a space

We want to build this company because we believe if we have enough determination, we can change the way things work in our society. We aspire to change the conventional way of doing things. We want to change how businesses do their work in Indonesia. By building this company, we want to be the game changer. We want to leave our mark in this world.


This is not for everyone. We understand that some of us are not born to challenge existing condition. But, we push through the limits. We are breaking the present state of affairs. We are ecstatic when we find people who have the same vision with us. We have the mindset of an entrepreneur, and knows what it means to walk that path.


We are the hungry overachievers with a deep-rooted need to win. We value teamwork over showmanship. Our contribution to a company always comes from several of us working together. We're skittish about the first person singular, and don't care to see our names in the press.


Our team is small. And we are not afraid of making mistakes, as we learned painfully from it and move on. We are not scared of challenging the status quo because we know every new product always struggle with initial rejections. We are serious about our work and put the best in everything we do, because we know we are building the future.


We are going to do this by building the most efficient, beautiful and user friendly product. We make sure that every product that we have are based on the fundamental to solve businesses' problems.


We aim to be the complete marketplace for businesses to find private office, coworking space, meeting room, training room, event space, and virtual office.

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